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[CURATE] Access and use of astronomy-related data from Python : a series of Jupyter notebooks tutorials

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Title: Access and use of astronomy-related data from Python : a series of Jupyter notebooks tutorials
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7547627
Euro-VO/ESCAPE repository of Python tutorials This repository contains Jupyter notebooks illustrating how astronomers can search, find, and access data they need from archives across the world. We offer a focus on data hosted at the Strasbourg astronomical Data Center (CDS) and on archives compliant with Virtual Observatory (VO) protocols and standards, as defined by the International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA). How to explore the tutorials The tutorials can be read as a website on they can be loaded in a Binder online environnement where you can edit the code and re-execute the cells. For a local installation, dowload the content of the notebook folder to your personnal machine. Install the Jupyter and the Python libraries in the requirements.txt file, then enable the ipyaladin jupyter extension by executing the command lines in the PostBuild file. Changelog:

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