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[CURATE] matchmaker

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=== Record #7986693 ===
Title: matchmaker
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7986693
matchmaker is a python package to perform cross-matching of (astronomical) catalogs and manipulate results.

Check the software checklist for the entry

  • Contains valid codemeta.json (see validator output)
  • Documentation is provided in the Zenodo entry (at least through codemeta)
  • a stable versioned release of the project
  • It is under an open-source license (see SPDX [])
  • Follows a reasonable set of software development / software engineering practices (rough by-eye quality estimate)

Complete onboarding issue

Related onboarding issue: #15

  • Make sure all boxes of the checklist up to "Uploaded to Zenodo" are ticked
  • Tick "software checklist completed" when done with the above
  • When cleared for merging, tick "Added to Zenodo community/published" and change issue status to "closed"

There are 9 missing recommended keys:['memoryRequirements', 'processorRequirements', 'releaseNotes', 'storageRequirements', 'copyrightHolder', 'funder', 'identifier', 'funding', 'issueTracker']

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