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New CI tests + integrate chemical integration schemes into the chemistry module

MAILLER Sylvain requested to merge featGMD into master

EGU: Initialisation du script pour les figures EGU

Include animation into EGUfigures

Produce animation in EGUfigures

Update EGUfigures for new options

EGU : EGUfigures update

EGU: add more cases to the figure production

EGU: Add bad transport configuration for counterexample

EGU: better organized naming (labelling) of runs

EGU: fix labelling

EGU: update for diagnostics

EGU: third case for transport

EGU: update script for exact Lagrangian solution

EGU: debug to be merged

EGU: EGU script update

EGU: Select which cases to do

EGU: add plots for time series

EGU: go on with diagnostic plots

EGU: remove two old cases

EGU: add option to do only the plots not the actual calculation

EGU: better organisation and cleanup of mess

EGO: fix EGUfigures to be merged with previous commit

EGU: improvements regarding organisation and cleanup, to be merged

EGU: improve and debug EGU figures generation

EGU: scalability test implementation

EGU: make convergence plot

EGU: minor improvements in convergence plots (to be merged)

EGU : supersmooth case for convergence

EGU: debug plot convergence

EGU: update 1d convergence plots

EGU: add one line in convergence plot

EGU: update figure scripts

EGU: update script

EGU: reorganize scripts for plot production

EGU: fix organisation problems in

EGU: new convergence cases

EGU: Restore normal configuration

EGU: batch sub compatibility + submission script

EGU: fixes for real camelot run

EGU: minor config changes

EGU: more memory for PBS submission script

EGU: DLmix is useless

GMD: config

Configuration for GMD

Strang splitting for all cases for better case comparability

GMD updates

Merge request reports