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Thomas Dubos requested to merge thomas.dubos/dynamico:converge/time into master

Tests before merging

  • CI devel/trunk (passed with very small differences on both branches)
  • GPU on JeanZay
  • modipsl/LAM

CI devel/trunk

Very small differences on both branches.

GPU comparison

No differences, identical results.


We compare start/restart files produced by the modipsl/LAM experiment with various versions of DYNAMICO:

  • This merge request version: ed7431132f5a0888fa7e0a77f3d9134f071ebe8b (22)
  • The last commit on DYNAMICO: 863853ff6674c73ca9b093be7741bc7865c4bcde (21)
  • The official modipsl/LAM DYNAMICO version: 34d2c048093c7a608a36a4c0335848d1e08bfca2 (01)

21 vs 22 (last DYNAMICO vs this merge request)

  • mr_compare_ICO_start_21_22.pdf - very small differences with some anomalies on the border (NaN); often similar in magnitude and pattern to differences in "01 vs 22" (in the next section)
  • mr_compare_ICO_restart_21_22.pdf - mostly small differences, if the difference is big in absolute terms, relatively it is small; the biggest difference can be observed for wind u

01 vs 22 (last modipsl/LAM vs this merge request)

Reproducibility test 01 vs 01

As a reference for the possible magnitude and type of differences, we can analyze the start/restart file of the same experiment, but run twice from scratch. The graphs below shows that the differences we have seen so far are very similar to the differences obtained from the reproduction.

mr_compare_ICO_start_01_23_repro.pdf mr_compare_ICO_restart_01_23_repro.pdf

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