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    tk/Tdg09: combined diagonalization and submatrix optimizations · 3851e846
    Philippe Veber authored
    original and optimized versions were run and benchmarked on the
    following program:
    let () =
      let open Codepi.Orthomam in
      let loggers = [ Bistro_utils.Console_logger.create () ] in
      let db = Codepitk.Orthomam_db.make "_runs/omm" in
      let q =
        search_alignments ~pat:"*GPR87" db
        |> List.hd
        |> query ~convergent_species:( species_with_echolocation)
      inhouse_tdg09 q
      |> Bistro.Workflow.path
      |> Bistro_engine.Scheduler.simple_eval_exn ~loggers
      |> print_endline
    execution time got from 24min to 18s, apparently with very little
    changes on pvalue results (after the 6th decimal)
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