Commit 52fbfd11 authored by POLCHER Jan's avatar POLCHER Jan 🚴🏾
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Corrected some minor things

parent 74c250bc
......@@ -15,10 +15,10 @@ import time
# Gert the information from the configuration file.
import configparser
config=configparser.ConfigParser({"DiagLon":"0.0, 0.0", "DiagLat":"0.0, 0.0", "numop" : 100})
config=configparser.ConfigParser({"DiagLon":"0.0, 0.0", "DiagLat":"0.0, 0.0", "numop":'100'})"run.def")
nbasmax=int(config.getfloat("OverAll", "nbasmax"))
numop=int(config.getfloat("OverAll", "numop"))
nbasmax=config.getint("OverAll", "nbasmax")
numop=config.getint("OverAll", "numop")
lonint=np.array(config.get("OverAll", "DiagLon").split(","),dtype=float)
latint=np.array(config.get("OverAll", "DiagLat").split(","),dtype=float)
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