Commit a26c8601 authored by POLCHER Jan's avatar POLCHER Jan 🚴🏾
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Put a more reasonable default value to the number of rivers to be followed.

parent a8b12804
......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ config = configparser.ConfigParser()"run.def")
gendoc = config.get("OverAll", "Documentation", fallback='false')
nbxmax = config.getint("OverAll", "nbxmax", fallback=63)
largest_pos = config.getint("OverAll", "ROUTING_RIVERS", fallback=50)
largest_pos = config.getint("OverAll", "ROUTING_RIVERS", fallback=200)
undef_int = 999999999.9
# Order of magnitude for the area precision in m^2.
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