Commit db7d6b66 authored by Anthony's avatar Anthony
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Change for not considering endorheic basin among the large basins

parent 728fde56
......@@ -414,7 +414,7 @@ SUBROUTINE rivclassification(nbpt, nwbas, nbcore, corepts, basin_count, outflow_
DO ib=1,basin_count(ig)
IF (outflow_grid(ig,ib) .LT. 0 .AND. fetch_basin(ig,ib) .GE. largest_rivarea) THEN
IF (outflow_grid(ig,ib) .LT. 0 .AND. outflow_grid(ig,ib) .GT. -3 .AND. fetch_basin(ig,ib) .GE. largest_rivarea) THEN
num_largest = num_largest + 1
outflow_grid(ig,ib) = -1
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