Commit 7b4158c7 authored by LE GAC Renaud's avatar LE GAC Renaud
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Update converter.to_jsonstore to set asynchronousLoad to False.

parent d3e41aef
......@@ -708,10 +708,18 @@ def to_jsonstore(table, **kwargs):
# where: define inner join, mainly to resolve foreign key
# NOTE: the keyword pageParam allow to activate / inhibit pagination
# It should be equal ro "page" or undefined respectively.
# It should be equal to "page" or undefined respectively.
# NOTE ExtJS 6.0.1:
# asynchronousLoad = False
# It causes immediate issuing of an Ajax request when load is called
# rather than issuing the request at the end of the current event
# handler run. Such behaviour is required by the linked ComboBox
base_params = {'tableName': tablename, 'dbFields': []}
cfg = DirectStore(autoLoad=False,
cfg = DirectStore(asynchronousLoad=False,
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