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* suppressing debug cout from decay

* adding Ex to NucleusB in QFS simulation
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......@@ -178,6 +178,8 @@ namespace NPL{
Particle* GetParticleB() {return &fParticleB;}
Particle* GetParticle1() {return &fParticle1;}
Particle* GetParticle2() {return &fParticle2;}
double GetExcitationA() {return fExcitationA;}
double GetExcitationB() {return fExcitationB;}
bool GetShoot1() const {return fshoot1;}
bool GetShoot2() const {return fshoot2;}
bool GetShootB() const {return fshootB;}
......@@ -185,7 +187,7 @@ namespace NPL{
double GetPhiCM() const {return fPhiCM;}
double GetMomentumSigma() const {return fMomentumSigma;}
TVector3 GetInternalMomentum() const {return fInternalMomentum;}
TLorentzVector* GetEnergyImpulsionLab_A() {return &fEnergyImpulsionLab_A;}
TLorentzVector* GetEnergyImpulsionLab_T() {return &fEnergyImpulsionLab_T;}
TLorentzVector* GetEnergyImpulsionLab_a() {return &fEnergyImpulsionLab_a;}
......@@ -455,7 +455,7 @@ void NPS::BeamReaction::DoIt(const G4FastTrack& fastTrack,
G4int Heavy_A = m_QFS.GetParticleB()->GetA();
G4ParticleDefinition* HeavyName;
HeavyName = IonTable->GetIon(Heavy_Z, Heavy_A);
HeavyName = IonTable->GetIon(Heavy_Z, Heavy_A,m_QFS.GetExcitationB());
// Set the Energy of the reaction
......@@ -97,8 +97,6 @@ G4bool Decay::ModelTrigger(const G4FastTrack& fastTrack) {
void Decay::DoIt(const G4FastTrack& fastTrack,G4FastStep& fastStep){
cout << m_ExcitationEnergy << endl;
// Get the track info
const G4Track* PrimaryTrack = fastTrack.GetPrimaryTrack();
G4ThreeVector pdirection = PrimaryTrack->GetMomentum().unit();
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