Commit 3c4f7a20 authored by Valérian Alcindor's avatar Valérian Alcindor
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Fixing compilation issue

parent 1647ef34
......@@ -142,7 +142,7 @@ void EventGeneratorCosmic::ReadConfiguration(NPL::InputParser parser){
G4double randomize1=0, randomize2=0 ;
G4double momentum_y = 0;
G4double angle = 0;
TF1* cosSq= new TF1("cosSq2", "TMath::Power(cos(x),2)", 0, (TMath::Pi())/2);
TF1* cosSq2= new TF1("cosSq2", "TMath::Power(cos(x),2)", 0, (TMath::Pi())/2);
void EventGeneratorCosmic::GenerateEvent(G4Event*){
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