Commit b3f97972 authored by flavigny's avatar flavigny
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Add Getter for Phi angles

parent 19ec0489
......@@ -156,6 +156,12 @@ void QFS::ReadConfigurationFile(NPL::InputParser parser){
fshoot1 = blocks[i]->GetInt("ShootLight");
fshoot2 = blocks[i]->GetInt("ShootLight");
fshoot1 = blocks[i]->GetInt("ShootLight1");
fshoot2 = blocks[i]->GetInt("ShootLight2");
vector<string> file_perp = blocks[i]->GetVectorString("PerpMomentumPath");
TH1F* Perptemp = Read1DProfile(file_perp[0], file_perp[1]);
......@@ -182,6 +182,7 @@ namespace NPL{
bool GetShoot2() const {return fshoot2;}
bool GetShootB() const {return fshootB;}
double GetThetaCM() const {return fThetaCM;}
double GetPhiCM() const {return fPhiCM;}
double GetMomentumSigma() const {return fMomentumSigma;}
TVector3 GetInternalMomentum() const {return fInternalMomentum;}
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