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* First version of Strasse Physics with Strip position for inner barrel

        - Not yet exacte but running
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......@@ -69,12 +69,19 @@ class TStrassePhysics : public TObject, public NPL::VDetector {
vector<int> DetectorNumber;
vector<double> E;
vector<double> DE;
vector<int> StripX;
vector<int> StripY;
vector<int> InnerStripT;
vector<int> InnerStripL;
vector<int> OuterStripT;
vector<int> OuterStripL;
vector<double> InnerPosX;
vector<double> InnerPosY;
vector<double> InnerPosZ;
vector<double> OuterPosX;
vector<double> OuterPosY;
vector<double> OuterPosZ;
vector<double> PosX;
vector<double> PosY;
vector<double> PosZ;
......@@ -84,8 +91,8 @@ class TStrassePhysics : public TObject, public NPL::VDetector {
void ReadConfiguration(NPL::InputParser);
/// A usefull method to bundle all operation to add a detector
void AddDetector(TVector3 POS);
void AddDetector(double R, double Theta, double Phi);
void AddInnerDetector(double R, double Z, double Phi,double Shift);
void AddOuterDetector(double R, double Z, double Phi,double Shift);
// add parameters to the CalibrationManger
void AddParameterToCalibrationManager();
......@@ -153,21 +160,33 @@ class TStrassePhysics : public TObject, public NPL::VDetector {
// needed for online analysis for example
void SetRawDataPointer(TStrasseData* rawDataPointer) {m_EventData = rawDataPointer;}
double GetNumberOfTelescope() const {return m_NumberOfDetectors;}
double GetNumberOfInnerDetector() const {return m_NumberOfInnerDetectors;}
double GetNumberOfOuterDetector() const {return m_NumberOfOuterDetectors;}
int GetEventMultiplicity() const {return EventMultiplicity;}
double GetStripPositionX(const int N, const int X, const int Y){
return m_StripPositionX[N-1][X-1][Y-1];
double GetInnerStripPositionX(const int N, const int X, const int Y){
return m_InnerStripPositionX[N-1][X-1][Y-1];
double GetInnerStripPositionY(const int N, const int X, const int Y){
return m_InnerStripPositionY[N-1][X-1][Y-1];
double GetInnerStripPositionZ(const int N, const int X, const int Y){
return m_InnerStripPositionZ[N-1][X-1][Y-1];
double GetOuterStripPositionX(const int N, const int X, const int Y){
return m_OuterStripPositionX[N-1][X-1][Y-1];
double GetStripPositionY(const int N, const int X, const int Y){
return m_StripPositionY[N-1][X-1][Y-1];
double GetOuterStripPositionY(const int N, const int X, const int Y){
return m_OuterStripPositionY[N-1][X-1][Y-1];
double GetStripPositionZ(const int N, const int X, const int Y){
return m_StripPositionZ[N-1][X-1][Y-1];
double GetOuterStripPositionZ(const int N, const int X, const int Y){
return m_OuterStripPositionZ[N-1][X-1][Y-1];
TVector3 GetInnerPositionOfInteraction(const int i);
TVector3 GetOuterPositionOfInteraction(const int i);
TVector3 GetPositionOfInteraction(const int i);
TVector3 GetDetectorNormal(const int i);
// objects are not written in the TTree
......@@ -183,11 +202,17 @@ class TStrassePhysics : public TObject, public NPL::VDetector {
// parameters used in the analysis
int m_NumberOfDetectors; //!
int m_NumberOfInnerDetectors; //!
int m_NumberOfOuterDetectors; //!
vector<vector<vector<double>>> m_InnerStripPositionX; //!
vector<vector<vector<double>>> m_InnerStripPositionY; //!
vector<vector<vector<double>>> m_InnerStripPositionZ; //!
vector<vector<vector<double>>> m_OuterStripPositionX; //!
vector<vector<vector<double>>> m_OuterStripPositionY; //!
vector<vector<vector<double>>> m_OuterStripPositionZ; //!
vector<vector<vector<double>>> m_StripPositionX; //!
vector<vector<vector<double>>> m_StripPositionY; //!
vector<vector<vector<double>>> m_StripPositionZ; //!
// thresholds
double m_E_RAW_Threshold; //!
......@@ -211,5 +236,54 @@ class TStrassePhysics : public TObject, public NPL::VDetector {
static NPL::VDetector* Construct();
ClassDef(TStrassePhysics,1) // StrassePhysics structure
private: // geometry
// Inner Detector //
// Wafer parameter
double Inner_Wafer_Length;
double Inner_Wafer_Width;
double Inner_Wafer_Thickness;
double Inner_Wafer_AlThickness;
double Inner_Wafer_PADExternal;
double Inner_Wafer_PADInternal;
double Inner_Wafer_GuardRing;
// PCB parameter
double Inner_PCB_PortWidth;
double Inner_PCB_StarboardWidth;
double Inner_PCB_BevelAngle;
double Inner_PCB_UpstreamWidth;
double Inner_PCB_DownstreamWidth;
double Inner_PCB_MidWidth;
double Inner_PCB_Thickness;
double Inner_Wafer_TransverseStrips;
double Inner_Wafer_LongitudinalStrips;
// Outer Detector //
// Wafer parameter
double Outer_Wafer_Length;
double Outer_Wafer_Width;
double Outer_Wafer_Thickness;
double Outer_Wafer_AlThickness;
double Outer_Wafer_PADExternal;
double Outer_Wafer_PADInternal;
double Outer_Wafer_GuardRing;
// PCB parameter
double Outer_PCB_PortWidth;
double Outer_PCB_StarboardWidth;
double Outer_PCB_BevelAngle;
double Outer_PCB_UpstreamWidth;
double Outer_PCB_DownstreamWidth;
double Outer_PCB_MidWidth;
double Outer_PCB_Thickness;
double Outer_Wafer_TransverseStrips;
double Outer_Wafer_LongitudinalStrips;
EmPhysicsList Option4
DefaultCutOff 10000000000
DefaultCutOff 1
IonBinaryCascadePhysics 0
NPIonInelasticPhysics 0
EmExtraPhysics 0
......@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ Alias InnerPhi
Alias OuterShift
Action= Replace
Value= -5
Value= 0
Alias OuterRadius
Action= Replace
......@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ Alias OuterRadius
Alias OuterPhi
Action= Copy
Value= 0 60 120 180 240 300
Value= 5 65 125 185 245 305
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