Commit be47ea52 authored by Cyril Lenain's avatar Cyril Lenain 🏄🏽
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adding getters to SamuraiFDC2

parent 848c033b
......@@ -185,6 +185,13 @@ class TSamuraiFDC2Physics : public TObject, public NPL::VDetector{
// Retrieve raw and pre-treated data
TSamuraiFDC2Data* GetRawData() const {return m_EventData;}
TSamuraiFDC2Data* GetPreTreatedData() const {return m_PreTreatedData;}
double GetPosX(){return PosX;}
double GetPosY(){return PosY;}
double GetThetaX(){return ThetaX;}
double GetDevX(){return devX;}
double GetDevY(){return devY;}
int GetPileUp(){return PileUp;}
private: // Root Input and Output tree classes
TSamuraiFDC2Data* m_EventData;//!
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