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SARAH wiki

SARAH is a Mathematica package for building and analysing SUSY and non-SUSY models. It calculates all vertices, mass matrices, tadpoles equations, one-loop corrections for tadpoles and self-energies, and two-loop RGEs for a given model. SARAH writes model files for FeynArts, CalcHep/CompHep, which can also be used for dark matter studies using MicrOmegas, in the UFO format which is supported by MadGraph, Herwig++ and Sherpa, as well as for WHIZARD.

SARAH is also the first available spectrum-generator-generator: based on the derived, analytical expression it creates source code for SPheno. In that way, it is possible to implement new models in SPheno without the need to write any Fortran code by hand. The output for Vevacious can be used to check for the global minimum for a given model and parameter point. Running SARAH is considerably fast, it includes already a long list of SUSY and non-SUSY models, and the implementation of new models is efficient and straightforward.

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